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We offer a variety of packages ranging from Casualty and Property-related insurance coverages to Monoline coverages. Our team approach helps you by providing individualized client solutions. Below is our full list of specialty products.



  • Alarm installation

  • Antique/classic auto dealers & restoration

  • Auto restoration - classic cars

  • ATV sales and service

  • Auctions

  • Boat sales and service (no water exposure)

  • Body and paint shops

  • Commercial truck dealers

  • Construction equipment sales and service

  • Conversions - food trucks, mobility

  • Detailing (shop and mobile)

  • Dirt bike sales and service

  • Dune buggies/sand rails sales and service

  • Emergency vehicle sales and service

  • Farming equipment sales and service

  • Gasoline stations with repair operations

  • Go-kart sales and service

  • Golf cart sales and service

  • Impound Lots

  • Mobile mechanics

  • Mobility equipment sales and installation

  • Moped/scooter sales and service

  • Motorcycle sales and service

  • Motor home/RV/camper sales and service

  • Recreational vehicle dealers

  • Roadside assistance

  • Salvage operations

  • Service & Repair - autos, motorcycles, commercial trucks, emergency vehicles and recreational vehicles

  • Snowmobiles sales and service

  • Storage facilities/lots

  • Street Sweepers

  • Tow truck operators

  • Trailer sales and service

  • Truck tractor/semi-trailer sales and service

  • Upholstery shops

  • Used car/truck dealers

  • Valet parking services

  • Watercraft (when ashore)

  • Wholesale auto dealers

  • Window tinting shops

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